Our East Coast Variety Pack of Staff Favorites will be sure to satisfy.

Includes a breakfast blend, house blend, a bold roast and a robust dark.

You’ll have trouble picking just one favorite. Including 24 cups each of Atlantic Sunrise, Gale Force, Comin’ Home, and Samuel D’s.

Only $65.99 $59.99 for 96 cups!

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Delicious Coffee. Ground, Whole Bean and K-Cups

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Small Batch Roasting

It’s exceptional tasting coffee. It’s deep, delicious, and roasted right here on the East Coast. We blend and roast our premium coffees to pervection and you get the gourmet result shipped right to your door.

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No-Stale Promise

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At The East Coast Coffee Company, our operation is SMALL enough that you receive the personal service and support that the East Coast is so famous for, but also we're BIG enough to deliver exceptional tasting coffee on demand with consistency.

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We'll Treat You Better

We offer the BEST PRICE POSSIBLE. We can offer lower prices because we focus on the COFFEE and the CUSTOMER SERVICE. We get straight to the coffee without extras that inflate your price. The bottom line is, it's AFFORDABLE.

Call and talk with Dave about how we can get you started with COST EFFECTIVE office coffee from The East Coast Coffee Company. We'll deliver the brands you love at a fraction of the cost of other suppliers.

Why K-Cups or Single Serve over traditional brewing?

Great Coffee

If you're one of the purists, this is for you!

Let me guess... You LOOOOVE Coffee. You don't even mind grinding the beans and cleaning the pot! Beyond that, there are still many advantages of having or offering Single Serve coffee.


Convenience is just the start. What could be easier than popping in a capsule and shutting the lid? No beans to grind, coffee to measure, and no mess to clean. Maybe I'm lazy, or perhaps I just prefer convenience. Either way, it's definitely a "perk".

Eco-Friendly Options

Before you get in a huff about the environment, let's talk about the NEW technology using the Single serve pods and recyclable cups. There are many awesome choices in eco-friendly pods, and organic, fair trade coffees. Martinson, Marley, Wolfgang Puck, Brown Gold, and Higgins & Burke use RealCup®; recyclable cups that can be easily disassembled. Our East Coast Coffee Company Private Blends of Organic coffee is 90% biodegradable, organic and fair trade. Other products are 100% biodegradable pods new to the market and available in One Cup®. Still all of the convenience with none of the guilt.


Are you really getting fresher coffee when you grind a batch of beans? Maybe on the first cup- but the rest of those grounds are getting stale from the moment you grind. When you pop in a cup or open a pod, you are getting coffee that's been nitrogen-flushed. It replaces the oxygen in the cup or package so that your coffee stays as fresh as the time of the grind.

If you're opening a bag of grinds, you'll notice the de-gassing vent. As you squeeze the oxygen out of the bag to re-seal, you can really smell that coffee. There goes the freshness, and there goes the taste. Not so when it's individually packed for ideal freshness.

Less Waste

Who's the biggest North American consumer of coffee? Some say the kitchen sink! Many coffee drinkers don't realize the volume of product they're pouring down the drain. If the alternative is watch a pot of coffee sit all day... Meh. No thanks.

Ideal Proportions

With Single Serve coffee, you get a perfectly premeasured cup every time. The people who roast and grind the coffee package the perfect amount for optimal brewing. Many people buy the wrong blend for their taste preferences and either use less coffee than they should be brewing, or too much hoping for a more robust taste.

More Variety

Single-serve and K-Cup®(as Keurig® calls it) have a wide variety of offerings. If you and your partner like two different varieties, you'd have to brew a pot each to get the variety you both like. Add 10 more people to the equation, it's nearly impossible to match everyone's taste- that is unless you have a choice. Taa-daa! (you guessed it) Single Serve!


Every cup is a winner. There is no stale product, no extras, no suprises. Pretty idiot-proof, huh? If a tea drinker offers to make you a coffee, maybe you won't cringe.

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The East Coast Coffee Company PremiumBlends

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Everything you want in a coffee!

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House Blend

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