East Coast Wholesale Coffee

Business to Business (B2B) Local Organic Single Serve Coffee

Eco-friendly coffee delivery directly to your door.It's Easy! Delivered Straight to your Door.

Local organic coffee, Fairtrade, 90% biodegradable, and seriously desirable.

Retailing has great benefits…

Local organic single serve coffee tailored to your business! Our Business to Business (B2B) coffee is a perk for your employees and loyal customers.

It’s a Local Product
When you buy local you help keep money in your community. We believe in supporting each other and building local relationships to stimulate our economy and reduce our carbon footprint.

Customer choice – customer satisfaction
It only takes one sip to realize why the “bottomless cup” is bottomless. No one really wants refills of cheap, stale coffee. Gone are the days when customers expect a bottomless cup of mud. Premium Gourmet coffee is about providing an exceptional quality experience.

Local organic single serve coffeeQuality improves the customer experience
The ability to choose coffee based on individual taste offers customers a customized taste experience. Offer your customers fresh, satisfying, gourmet coffees roasted to THEIR liking.

Offering premium coffee is about customer loyalty
Retaining customers is less costly than acquiring new ones. A repeat customer spends 67% more than a new customer. Loyalty gestures like complimentary coffee not only say “thanks”, but also motivate customers to be brand ambassadors for your business.

Business Coffee is a "perk" for employees
Providing a selection of coffee yields higher benefits than nearly any other worker recognition or appreciation program!
It improves satisfaction and employee production; and, less employee time is wasted running out for a coffee.

It Tastes Amazing
There are many benefits of retailing East Coast Coffee, but the #1 reason for offering this product is the TASTE. Try it and you’ll agree!

Restaurant Owners
You've carefully fashioned the menu and chose the best ingredients. You've prepared and created something special. So why not the coffee? With our premium roasted coffee, your customers will value the quality. We offer menu inserts and table displays to showcase the variety of roasts for every coffee lovers’ palette.

Whether you offer food products, organic or fair trade merchandise, or value local fare, our exclusive line of certified coffees are seriously satisfying. Please contact us to find out more.

Client Based Businesses
We want your customers to know the quality service you provide – and that starts with the waiting room. We’ll offer your customers and clientele options that will satisfy! You’ll have folks drop in just for the coffee. Talk to us about how a minimum purchase commitment can get your business a single serve machine at no cost!