Highland Grog

Hazelnut- Flavoured Coffee

Light Roast
Flavor: Hazelnut Cream
Body: Light, Fun
100% Arabica Coffee

If you’re gonna call it "Highland Grog" it better be good, it better be sweet, and it better be served piping hot laddie.

This tantalizing blend of hazelnut and cream flavor crafted from high-grown Arabica beans could have originated in the Scottish Highlands if coffee or anything else could grow there. You’ll be toasting a "Sociable" or two, for always remember, a drink is shorter than a tale.

Available in:

  • Single Serve Recyclable Cups for Keurig Brewers
  • Ground 1lb bags
  • Fraction packs available with minimum order
  • Call to order custom pack sizes

Gently flavoured for ultimate drinkability, Highland Grog has that flavour bite without being overpowering. You'll love this quick trip to the highlands.

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