Proud Supporters of Local Organic Fairtrade Coffee

Below is a list of organizations who support local organic Fairtrade coffee.

The Canadian Fair Trade Network

The Canadian Fair Trade Network

See East Coast Coffee on The Canadian Fair Trade Network.

CFTN is a non-profit organization that works with civil society and industry stakeholders to advance awareness and support for fair trade in Canada. It supports collaboration and best practices within the fair trade movement to increase Canadian commitments to international social responsibility.

Their mission is to foster relationships, knowledge sharing and action to advance the fair trade movement.

They have offered their efforts in a multitude of campaigns in support of fair trade. See their Campaign Section for more information.

The Good Trade

The Good Trade

See East Coast Coffee on an article The Good Trade wrote for "Why Buy Fair Trade Coffee".

TGT is a quickly growing collective of conscious consumers from around the world who are tired of supporting companies that do not align with their values and eager to support companies that demonstrate social responsibility towards people and the planet.

Their goal is to search for the entrepreneurs, products and ideas that are bringing social change and business together to create good.

With a background in digital marketing and communications, they've decided to channel their passion for storytelling into telling the stories of those who are impacting the world for good.

Visit The Good Trade for more information.